What Is out There for the Retiree Traveller?

If you are over-65 years of age, or you are planning a trip for someone who is,  going away on holiday is probably something you’ve done a dozen times before. As you get older though, some vacation considerations can become more important than previously. There are now a variety of services that are marketed specifically for elderly travellers, from cruises and resorts, to specialist travel agent advisors and insurers. What can each offer you? Check out a guide below on how to book a holiday if you are a retiree and what options are available to you.

Specialist Travel Agents

These are travel advisors who have the knowledge and contacts to cater for the specific needs of older holiday makers. Although you might expect any travel agent to be comfortable selling a holiday catering for a variety of needs, some organisations offer exceptional understanding of the needs of older travellers.  

These agents will be best able to handle common needs of older travellers, such as accommodating for pre-existing health conditions, disabilities or access requirements.  They will be able to advise you on what kind of holiday might be best for your personal needs.  

Insurance Providers

It is harder to find comprehensive insurance for people over the age of 65, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions. Sometimes coverage for these people is compromised in other areas, such as loss of baggage or rearranging flights.  Specialist insurers, like Able2Travel cater for older travellers; even people 75 and over who won’t find a policy at a normal travel insurers can find coverage with specialist providers.

Care Holidays and Resorts

To cater for people who require various levels of care in their day to day life, many holiday resorts exist which can welcome people with a wide range of requirements, including mobility requirements and on-call medical care. There are also villas, cottages and holiday homes available if you have access requirements or are unable to use stairs.


Many people enjoy cruises in their retirement due to their unique ability to take holiday makers to many different locations without uncomfortable or difficult travel. It can be a great way to see many different cities in a relaxed and social atmosphere while avoiding more undesirable forms of travel.
Have you tried out any services that have helped you plan your holiday and enjoy your trip? Let us know.