How a Government Grant can Help Fund a Home Lift

With home lifts becoming more popular for people with disabilities as an alternative to the stairlift, people that thought they would not be able to afford one may be able to get a grant from their local council to help fund it.

It is called the Disabilities Facilities Grant and can be given by local authorities if you are disabled and need financial assistance to adapt a home to help live a fulfilling and independent life.

The Grant will not affect any benefits a disabled person may receive and is available in the UK depending on the household income and savings of over £6,000. In England, the Grant can be up to £30,000, Wales (£36,000), Northern Ireland (£25,000) and in Scotland it depends on the local council. The Grant may not be given, however, if the home lift installation has already started on the property before the council approves the application.

The local authority will pay its contribution to the work either by instalments as the work progresses or in full when the work is finished. Domestic lifts ( by Stiltz Lifts for example, can only take a full day to install as it does not use hydraulics or require load bearing walls so minimal building work is required. The council may want to view the finished work or require an invoice, demand or receipt for payment from the home lift provider once the installation has been completed.

To be eligible, somebody living in the property has to be disabled and own the home or be a tenant. They must also intend to live in the property during the grant period which is currently five years. The council will need to be happy a home lift is necessary and will meet the disabled person’s needs and the house’s age and condition is not a barrier can handle the work being carried out.

Before a claim for a Disabilities Facilities Grant is started the applicant must find out what changes are needed to the property, the type of work that needs to be carried out and the cost of the work. At Stiltz Lifts, the company offers a free site inspection. The Stiltz Duo Through Floor Lift starts at £8,990 plus VAT).
Applications forms can be obtained from the housing or environmental health department of the local council. They may need two written estimates for the work and decision will be made in writing within six months of the application date. An appeal can be made if an application is unsuccessful

Heartburn Drug Alert

Indigestion cures can dramatically increase the risk of dementia

The  drugs – lansoprazole and omeprazole known as PPIs – can trigger a B12 vitamin deficiency which, says Dr Laura Phipps of Alzheimer’s Research Uk, is associated with cognitive decline and memory loss.

Eight million prescriptions are written every year in Britain.

The research by Kaiser Permanente in California, is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,

Dr Douglas Corley said: “Patients who took PPIs for more than two years had a 65% increase in there risk of B12 deficiency.

It looks like the medical profession and their partnership with drug companies provide cures and treatments that will always give you a nasty kick back with prolonged usage.