Welfare Reform – Labour Votes Harden

Labour voter’s attitudes to benefits are hardening helping pressure on Ed Milliband  to back welfare reforms, a report reveals

Thirty-one per cent felt benefit claimants were ” undeserving” in 2011  – up to from 87% in 1987, the Joseph Rown-tree Foundation found.

And 46 per cent said it would help people “stand on their own two feet” if handouts were less generous, up from 16 per cent.

Meanwhile a YouGov poll for the Sun newspaper shows Labour’s lead has fallen to just seven points over the Tories at 38 per cent.

Yes, there are and have been people abusing the system and in some cases there are people who have been better off than those working. However, this slash, cut, thrust is having dire consequences on the genuinely needy to the point of morbidity. A better way to sort out those who should have and those who deserve less or nothing was unfortunately long overdue and we are left with political rhetoric and vote winning strategies from the government parties to swamp us as they’ve cast the die but the fettling is going to cost the NHS (all social help systems as well) any savings made through this and also the stress on the ordinary “Joe Blogs” of our sinking ship.