NHS Trusts Buying Discrepencies

It has come to light that there are vast discrepencies in the prices paid by NHS Trusts in there procurement of even basic healh care products. Some equally suitable products have been purchased at up to double the cost by some Trusts compared to others. This does not say there is malpractice going on, but shows that the massive spending power of the NHS is unweildy and as each Trust has it’s own buying departments is inevitable.
The tax payer foots the bill for this and unfortunately it’s a problem difficult to rectify and save millions each year. The NHS has for years had the ability to give more and more advanced treatment but is being eroded in terms of care through years of bureaucracy trying to end bureaucracy.
This won’t stop as every overhaul over several decades has improved nothing in the way of value for money, empathetic care and hospital employees job satisfaction.
Small companies go under everyday because of cash flow. It’s a shame an institution the nation looks to for much needed help and has billions to run it is forever becoming more inefficient and lacking consistency.

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Disability Rights UK

For those of you unaware still Disability Rights UK (publishers of the Disability Rights Handbook) amalgamated with Disability Alliance, Radar and the National Centre for Independent Living on !st of Jan 2012. Their aim is to be the largest national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people.